Dispose Of Your Old Office Furniture

28 December 2021
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Relocating your business to a new facility may warrant the purchase of new office furnishings. With this decision comes the reality of needing to decide what to do with the original furnishings that are housed in the old facility. Taking inventory, connecting with a removal company, and ensuring a swift and safe pickup and repurposing/disposal plan will help you seamlessly part with the unwanted items.


Look at your new furnishings or review the ones that you will be purchasing and compare these pieces against what you may potentially get rid of. Once this step is complete and you have chosen the desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces that you no longer need, type up a list that includes all of the items.

The brand name, the furniture type, and the size of each piece should be recorded. After you have logged the information, write down how many chairs, desks, and other pieces you will be disposing of. An old furniture dealer or a garbage disposal company that handles the disposal of furnishings will need to know the size of the job that you need help with. 

Disposal And Payment Options

Removing heavy furniture and hauling it to an alternate location requires manpower, fuel, and a reliable vehicle. A company that provides household garbage removal services may charge for their services.

A company that refurbishes old furnishing may pay the person they acquire the pieces from. If you have pieces that are in decent shape, you will probably want to consider the latter disposal option. You will ultimately be recouping some of the costs you incurred when you purchased new office furniture. You may also feel good about the green disposal method. Instead of items winding up in a landfill, they will be useful to someone else.

Disassembly And Removal Tips

If the person who will be picking up the furnishings has limited space in their vehicle, disassembling some of the furniture may aid with fitting things neatly within a vehicle's cargo area. Ask the person who will be removing the furnishings if they would prefer that you do this, prior to taking large pieces of furniture apart.

Place all of the old furniture on your old facility's dock or along the edge of the property. This will ensure that the pickup driver sees all of the items upon entering the property and will prevent items from being left behind.

For more information, contact an office furniture removal service in your area.