How To Choose A Dump Trailer

28 December 2021
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Dump trailers are versatile and useful in different applications. You can make your work easier by having such equipment when hauling dirt, transporting tractors, and other logistical projects. If you look at most dump trailers, they all seem like decently constructed pieces of equipment that are tough and ready to handle any task. However, various features set one trailer apart from others. This article provides a few tips that can help you select dump trailers. 

Structural Members

The trailer's frame is a significant issue you must consider. Even though you are not a skilled structural engineer, you can still follow these tips to help you select a trailer with structural members that fit your needs. There are three different configurations for trailer frames. The first is an I-beam, a cost-effective frame without as much strength as the other two options. I-beams are ideal for trailers that haul lighter loads. The main advantage of an I-beam is its ability to resist bending stress. Another option is a strong tubular frame that resists both torsional and bending stresses. If you are uncertain about the loads you will haul with the dump trailer, these beams are a wise choice. Trailers with tubular frames are also ideal for gross vehicle mass (GVM) upgrades instead of purchasing a new dump trailer. If you need a low-end trailer that is both affordable and hauls light loads, pick one made from channels. Channels are easy to maintain, and the resulting trailers have a rigid structure that is ideal for different applications. 


The paint job is a significant detail when selecting a trailer. Manufacturers use different techniques to improve the aesthetics of the trailer, but you must go beyond such mere details. For example, galvanized trailers are less susceptible to corrosion than standard paints. Similarly, powder coating improves the durability of the trailer. Powder coating bakes the powder into the metallic surface of the trailer, thereby creating a watertight skin that protects the surface beneath. Therefore, find a dumper trailer whose finishing guarantees longevity.

Lifting Mechanism

The lifting mechanism varies depending on your price range, manufacturers, load, and safety features. An example is the telescopic-style lifting mechanisms on the center of the box's front. The mechanism lifts the dump trailer to a tipping angle using a single cylinder. Another variation of the telescopic-style mechanism uses two pistons below the trailer to push it to a dumping angle. You can also select a scissor lift that distributes the footprint and reduces the chance of racking the frame and box when hauling uneven loads. Also, ensure you choose gravity-down instead of power-down if the options are available. Power-down is a mechanism that engages the battery when lowering the dumping bucket, while gravity-down uses gravity. The latter choice helps ensure your battery's longevity. 


You can choose from different sidewalls depending on your needs. Ensure you know the type of goods you want to carry since side walls vary in height and other features. Additional features such as side doors and removable extensions are necessary for specific applications. Sidewall materials should be thick enough to withstand abrasion, heavy loads, and direct impacts from minor accidents. However, avoid excessively thick sheet metal that increases the price and load unnecessarily. 

Consider the structural members, finishes, lifting mechanisms, and side walls when choosing a dump trailer. For more information, contact a company like Duffield Hauling INC.