Setting Up Trash Bins For Winter Garbage Removal

3 January 2022
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Winter weather can sometimes interfere with garbage pickup services. Large snow banks create barriers for trucks accessing trash bins, and snow buildup can create a host of problems, but there are some things homeowners can do to help make the process easier for themselves and for trash collectors. Use the following guide to help ensure the safe and proper removal of your garbage throughout the cold, snowy winter months. 

Morning Bin Placement

While it might be tempting to wheel your trash bins out the night before pickup, overnight snow and ice can build up quickly. This makes bins heavier to lift and can prevent the lids from opening properly. If possible, keep your garbage cans stowed away in the garage or under a covered porch to keep them free from snow and ice. Roll them out in the morning close to pickup time to help prevent snow and ice accumulation. If you don't have a garage or covered porch to store your bins throughout the week, brush off any snow before placing them at the curb. 

Thoughtful Shoveling

When you shovel your sidewalks and driveway throughout the week, be sure to keep an area clear near the curb. It's tempting to pile snow on either side of walkways, but large snowbanks next to the street can make it difficult for garbage removal services to access your bins. Clear a section of snow next to the curb for bin placement on pickup days, making sure you also have a clear path from your home to roll the cans into place. It's also a good idea to inspect the curb after city snowplows come through, as municipal snow removal can also create tall banks of the white stuff along the curb. You may need to shovel out an area for your bins after your streets are cleared. 

Secure Lids

Leaving your garbage bin lids open can invite wildlife looking for food and refuge from the cold. This poses a hazard for trash collectors and can ultimately lead to infestations throughout the neighborhood. Make sure your trash bin lids are closed and secure throughout the week to prevent this issue. You can use locks to keep the lids closed, but be sure to remove them on trash pickup day so your garbage can be easily collected. When you place your bins at the curb, check to make sure the lids are shut all the way to prevent snow and ice from collecting inside. 

For more information, contact a garbage collection service in your area.