3 Things To Consider Before Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

7 January 2022
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Have you decided to get a roll-off dumpster to help clear out your old junk, landscaping debris, or waste produced after renovating your home? Investing in roll-off dumpster rental is an effective way to ensure all your waste is disposed of efficiently. 

But before you start searching for dumpster rental companies in your area, it's vital to know the factors that should influence your choice. After all, you want to rent the right roll-off dumpster and ensure you get quality service throughout. Below are things you should take into consideration before getting a roll-off dumpster.

Select the Container Size Carefully

Most dumpster rental companies provide roll-off dumpsters of different capacities. Usually, they range from 10 to 40-yard capacities, so determining the size on your own may not be easy. Your service provider may help determine the best size if it's your first time hiring a dumpster. 

For instance, 10-yard dumpsters are ideal for small kitchen floor replacement or garage cleaning projects. If your project is more extensive, you will have to get a large dumpster. The general rule of thumb is choosing a larger container than you think you need to avoid renting another container later or paying overage charges.

Know the Kind of Waste You Need to Remove

Before you start searching for roll-off dumpster rental companies in your locality, you'll need to think of the type of waste you'll produce or confiscate from your property. Is it general waste like plastics, cans, bottles, food waste, or paper goods? Is it timber, concrete, waste mater, plastic piping, or glass? 

Your project will determine the type of waste you produce, so be sure to discuss this with your service provider in advance to know how many dumpsters you will need. You cannot mix general waste with green waste or construction waste. Each of them will need a separate dumpster, and the rates for disposing of each type of waste will vary too.

Decide Where the Container Will Be Placed

Another thing most people forget until the roll-off dumpster is delivered is where the rental container will be placed. Preparing the area in advance is recommended to make the work easier.

This could mean moving your cars, kid's toys, or other obstacles the truck may encounter while dropping off the dumpster. You don't want the container to be too far away from the work site unless you have the equipment to carry the waste to the dumpster. 

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