Healing From Hoarding: What To Expect In The Cleanup Process

7 January 2022
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For hoarders, the cleanup process can be an emotional experience often marked with grief, shame, and embarrassment. While you can offer emotional support for those who are dealing with a hoarding problem, let the professionals take care of the cleanup process. Trained to provide efficient removal in a compassionate and discreet way, the cleanup crew will help clear out the home as an important first step in the recovery of hoarding for the homeowner. Here are just a few steps to expect with the cleanup process. 

Safety with Professionals

Hiring the help of a professional cleaning crew is highly recommended in cases of hoarding. Mold, animal waste, insect infestations, and bodily fluids can all be substances that may be found in a home affected by hoarding and are extremely dangerous to those who are not fully protected. Not only will a professional team be specifically trained to remove trash, waste, and biohazards, but they will also get the job done far faster than if done alone. Expect that a hoarding cleanup crew will first inspect the area to be cleaned to check for any biohazard dangers. They will then determine the best course of action to safely remove any substances or materials that could be potentially harmful to anyone that comes in close proximity with the material and dispose of it immediately. 


For those who are suffering through the effects of hoarding, there may be items that seem difficult to let go of. From an outside perspective, many of the materials are only fit for the trash pile but for hoarders, these items may have some sentimental value that is painful to release. When it comes to sorting, it must first be understood that any hazardous material or perishable items such as food cannot be included in the piles for safety reasons. Items that seem salvageable and clean enough to be donated can then be separated into designated piles such as appliances, books, furniture, or electronics. In some cases, visually seeing these items separated into their own categories can help hoarders let go more easily as they are able to understand that they could be put to better use elsewhere. 

Deep Cleaning

The expertise of a professional crew will be essential for the final step of cleaning the home. Once the bulk of the items has been removed, it will be time for deep cleaning. This is crucial for homes that are affected by hoarding as it ensures the home is safe to continue residing in. In some cases, discoveries of excessive mold, water damage, or infestations can be discovered. While these can be devastating to find, the homeowners will be aware that their residence is unsafe to reside in, and outside help must be utilized. For homes that are unaffected by the more severe consequences of hoarding, deep cleaning will help revitalize walls, flooring, carpets, bathrooms, and kitchens, once again making the house a hospitable environment.